If it’s beef, we can get it for you. From the head to the hoof, our Meat Cutters are happy to provide you with whatever cuts you’d like. All our beef is cut in-house and never frozen, meaning every single steak, roast, and rack of ribs you buy brings optimal tenderness and flavor to your plate. Here are some of our most popular cuts of beef:

Brisket: A cut taken from behind the foreshank and beneath the ribs. Brisket offers a rich flavor but is initially less-tender than other cuts, often requiring long cooking times to become tender and savory.

Chuck Roast: Taken from the shoulder, a chuck roast is often a large, think cut that is full of flavor. Through slow cooking, meat will tenderize and become juicy.

Filet Mignon: An extremely tender and tasteful cut taken from the tenderloin. Filet mignons are lean yet succulent, often described as having a buttery texture.

Flank Steak: Flank steaks are cut thin and against the grain. They are lean and delicious, often marinated or seasoned before grilling.

Ground Beef: Consists of cuts from the sirloin, chuck, and round. Freshly made in-house, and convenient for use in a wide range of recipes.

Prime Rib: Extremely tender and marbled with excellent flavor.

Ribs: Since the first five ribs are within the chuck cut, ribs contain the sixth through the twelfth ribs. Point of note, the toughest cuts usually provide the most flavor.

Ribeye Steak: An extremely tender cut with fine grain, served without the bone. Great marbling and excellent flavor.

Sirloin Steak: A large, lean steak cut that contains minimal fat and no bones. Good flavor and texture.

Skirt Steak: A thin cut of lean beef taken from the plate. Often sliced against the grain to maximize an already strong flavor.

Strip Steak/New York Strip: Taken from the short loin, this cut is full-flavored and fine textured.

T-Bone Steak: Essentially two tenderloin steaks separated by a T-shaped bone. Lean and tender.

Tenderloin Roast: A lean cut of high-quality beef with fine texture.

Top Round Roast: The most tender of all the round cuts, top round roasts are extremely economical.

Tri-Tip: A lean, full-flavor cut that is triangularly shaped. Very tender and boneless.


Bacon. Sizzling, savory strips of bacon. And just in case you need any additional motivation to come in and take a look at our selection of pork products, here’s a few more delicious reasons to stop by Ole Timey today: baby back ribs, pork chops, and tenderloins.

Our full selection of pork products includes these cuts and more:

Back Ribs: Taken from the loin between the blade and center section, back ribs are also known as baby back ribs. Contains tender finger meat between bones, and often prepared with rub before cooking.

Bacon: Cured and smoked cuts from the side or belly. A high fat content is responsible for bold flavor and crispiness.

Belly: A boneless cut obtained after spareribs and loin are removed. Unique flavor and great texture.

Blade Steak: Taken from the shoulder, these tender, marbled steaks contain the blade bone.

Chops: Chops are cut from between the shoulder to the hip. The name of the chop typically will reflect the area from which it was obtained.

Country-style Ribs: Removed from the sirloin, and are the ribs with the most meat on them.

Loin Roast: Cut from between the shoulder and the start of the leg. Loin roasts are tender and very flavorful.

Spareribs: Taken from the belly, these ribs are very flavorful and are typically much larger than other types of ribs.

Shoulder: This area is located at the top of the front leg. The shoulder typically contains different roast cuts, and lends itself to use in traditional pulled pork recipes.

Tenderloin: Very tender and signature flavor, tenderloin is almost always prepared with a marinade, sauce, or rub.


Always fresh and never frozen, our poultry is prepared in-house by our experienced butchers. Chicken, duck, turkey, and even cornish game hen, our poultry products bring a level of convenience and ease to your meal preparation. Here are some of our most popular poultry selections:

Drumstick: Great for frying or barbecuing, drumsticks are great value and delicious whether you batter them or roll them in bread crumbs.

Wing: Perfect for parties, gametime, or anytime. Wings are extremely versatile and can be prepared in any number of ways.

Thigh: Packed full of flavor, thighs have lots of meat and lots of flavor.

Leg: Consists of both thigh and drumstick, legs contain lots of meat and are perfect for slow-cooking or use in casseroles.

Breast or Fillet: Capable of being prepared any number of ways, breasts or fillets often contain the most tender white meat. At Ole Timey Meat Market, we offer stuffed chicken breasts that are ready for cooking.

Whole: Why pick just one part, when you can buy the bird?


Our seafood is all caught off the shores of the Eastern Seaboard and shipped right to us to prepare for our customers. From fresh slices of salmon to scallops and shrimp, if it’s in the ocean and we don’t have it – we can get it. Have a special request? Let us know how we can help you, and we’ll order it in the next day. Looking for live lobsters? We can get them! Red Snappers? Yes. Flounder, Crabs, and Shrimp? Yes, Yes, and of course, Yes!

Our refrigerated cases are filled with the highest quality seafood, sourced from the Atlantic Ocean right off the coast. When it comes to fresh, affordable, delicious seafood, you’ll always be able to find exactly what you’re looking for at Ole Timey Meat Market.

Stop by today and take a look at the seafood we just got in! Looking for something specific? Contact us today and let’s see what we can do!

Bulk Orders

Fill the fridge and the freezer. At Ole Timey Meat Market, you can buy enough meat for the whole family, your friends, and their families. Our customers come from far and wide to enjoy the savings and wide selection of top quality meats we provide. Bulk orders allow us to make sure that your needs are met and each of our customers finds exactly what they’re looking for. So if you’re looking to place a large order, a recurring order, or are ordering something that’s just impossible to find – we can help!

Contact your nearest Ole Timey Meat Market location and let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll get it ready for you. No more searching and no more stopping at multiple stores. At Ole Timey Meat Market, we’re sure we’ll be able to help you find precisely what you want!